Here are a few of the things I like in Bali:

South Bali

Ubud (art capital of Bali)

Central & Northern Bali

  • Sunrise climb at Mt. Batur - stay in the town of Toya Bungkah - arrive the night before the climb. Arlina's is very basic and cheap. The Ayu is a bit cleaner, fancier and pricier.
  • Tree climbing at the Bali Tree Tops in Bedugal
  • Snorkelling/Diving in Pemuteran, North Bali (stay @ Taman Sari in the beachside bungalows, Frog, Turtle, Dolphin, etc.) - take a boat to Menjangan Island for diving and snorkeling.
  • Hiking in Munduk (stay @ Puri Lumbung Cottages)
  • Eco day tour at the Bali Teak farms
  • Bali Silent Retreat

East Bali

Other Places To Explore
  • If you have time there are literally thousands of other amazing places to explore around Indonesia. Here are just a few:

  • Nearby Islands - All can be reached by ferry or speed boats. The crossing can be very rough in is best done in the morning.
    • Gili Islands
    • Nusa Lembongan (eat at the Beach Club)
    • Lombok - explore the island. If you are adventuresome and fit, climb Mt. Rinjani but give yourself 4 days. It is a strenuous climb.
    • Flores / Komodo National Park - you can fly there or charter a boat and sail their round-trip from Bali. The Komodo dragons are amazing. Go snorkeling at the red sand beach. See the flying foxes at sunset.

Other Notes
  • My friend Arnaz Mehta ( has traveled extensively in Asia. She has a business helping people put together amazing and unique trips and can help put together an itinerary for Bali or many of the other spectacular areas in the region.\
  • Random exploring - I have never felt unsafe anywhere in Bali. It is fun to just drive anywhere. It is a small island and hard to get really lost. There are thousands of beautiful temples and the people are super friendly.
  • You can rent a car with a driver for about $50/day. Taxis are also very affordable (always have them run the meter).
  • Mt. Agung - This is a serious climb. Don't do it in the rainy season or try it without a guide. Be prepared with layers to keep you warm up top and enough water.
  • Only drink bottled water.
  • Don't do or bring any illegal drugs here. There are MAJOR penalties.

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